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Bedroom 1 - Ralph Anderson

Bedroom 1 - Ralph Anderson

Bedroom 1 - Ralph Anderson

Challenging preconceived ideas about painting, Anderson is interested in developing new ways of investigating the subject. Installations from his “Cut-Out” series can be seen throughout the Club. By stripping the artwork back to just the brush marks, which make up the structure of the image, Anderson opens the painting up to its surroundings.

This is enhanced further by the works hanging away from the wall and casting shadows of the brush marks, drips and runs. The reverse of each work has been painted with fluorescent paint, giving a backlit glow and colouring the shadows, thus turning the supportive wall into a temporal background for each image.

Born in Glasgow, Anderson now lives and works in London and has recently completed an MA in Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art, UAL. He regularly exhibits his work in group shows in London and around the UK.


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