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Threadgold London

 Wednesday, 2nd May, 2018

Threadgold London

We have teamed up with Threadgold London to offer members and exclusive 20% of personal tailoring. We caught up with founder Katie Williams to hear how it all started...


My Story 

I graduated with a First in Menswear Design in 2012 from Leeds University. Whilst in the North I fell in love with the fabric mills of Yorkshire, and I was keen to move to London to work alongside Savile Row and play a part in the British tailoring industry. After working in the industry for 5 years and building a global client base, I decided to take the bold step of setting up my own company Threadgold. I wanted to incorporate my design skills with the classic tailoring of Savile Row to create unique pieces for clients, based on their needs. 

Tailoring is a very personal service, and building a relationship with a client is one of my favourite parts. It allows me to help with all aspects of their wardrobe from work suits to wedding suits, smoking jackets to tweeds, not forgetting shirts and casual wear.

Threadgold is about combining heritage and contemporary, to create something stylish and anti-ordinary. For me, it will always be about Style over Fashion. In this age of ‘fast-fashion’ a bespoke garment is both an investment and a sustainable choice – creating something that will last for years, and as importantly, look good for years. 


Womenswear Launch 

Not surprisingly, most of my clients are men (which I love - don’t get me wrong!). I think a well-dressed man is a thing of beauty and I know my male clients highly value my expertise and opinion when it comes to choosing their clothes. 

However, after having the privilege of wearing bespoke clothes for years and loving how confident it made me feel, I was keen to expand into womenswear to give more women the option of having clothes designed and made just for them.



What inspires you?

When it comes to menswear, what inspires me most is the tailoring and dress from different eras, especially the 1920’s and 30’s. I love watching old movies and seeing beautifully tailored outfits and thinking ‘that looks as amazing today as it did one hundred years ago.’ On top of that it was probably made so well it would still be wearable today. One of my favourite TV series was and still is Boardwalk Empire, largely down to the costume design. To quote Coco Chanel; 'Fashion fades, only style remains the same.'


How do you incorporate current trends into timeless pieces?

One of the best ways to incorporate current trends into timeless pieces is through the design of the fabric. Using seasonal designs and colours allows you to be both fashionable and stylish. Another great way is, of course, how you style the outfit. A hat, a great pair of socks or shoes, a pocket square or tie from the current season can transform any outfit. However don’t over do it though! How you style an outfit is a reflection of your personality - if you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing, it will show.


If you could work anywhere else in the world where would it be?

I’d love to spend more time in New York if I could! I have some great clients out there and it’s fun to take British tailoring over to the States. However, I spent a year living in Sydney and my heart still lies there. It’s such a beautiful place to be, you can lie on the beach and work in the city. That’s the dream for me.


Who would you most enjoy designing a suit for?

It’s probably a bit late to design one for Harry and Meghan’s wedding so I’d probably have to say Denzel Washington. He has such presence and he wears a suit so well. It would be so amazing to meet him and get the chance to dress him.


What was one of the biggest obstacles you faced when starting your own business?

I think the biggest obstacle I faced when setting up my own business was loneliness. At first there’s lots to do and it’s really exciting and busy but I definitely underestimated how hard it would be not having anyone to bounce ideas off or to pick you up when you’ve had a bad day or something goes wrong. I’ve managed to build a good support network around me now, but there were definitely days where it was pretty hard!



Members can now enjoy 20% personal tailoring from Threadgold. View the offer here (members must be signed in to view this offer).