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Staff Spotlight: February

 Thursday, 8th February, 2018
Chris Gazzard and Fifi Homan

Chris Gazzard and Fifi Homan

You all know and love them; they're the ones who make you laugh in the morning, don’t judge you when you’ve left your wallet in the Club (for the third night in a row) and who always lend an ear when you need to moan or rant. Give it up for Front of House Supervisors Chris Gazzard and Fifi Homan.  

Fifi is a talented musician with a classical background, you might have spotted her eerily playing her cello at our Secret Society party last October. Chris studied performing arts at the prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School. He has been in many successful productions, both on stage and on screen, and now tap-dances his way through The Hospital Club.

Whats the best bit about your job?

Chris: For me, it has to be the people. The people are definitely the best thing about the Club. When I say people, I mean both the staff and the members. The Club attracts such an interesting, eclectic group of people. 

Fifi: I think that’s pretty much bang on. Just speaking to one person within the Club could turn a bad day into a great day. That’s the best thing about our job, No other team deals with every department and see’s everyone like we do. I think I could name everyone who walks into this building; from security to the cleaners, the strategy team and all the members. 


What skill would you most like to master?

Chris: As I’ve gotten older, I've enjoyed cooking more, so I’d like to gain further culinary skills. 


- What’s your go-to dish?

Chris: I’m really good with roasts. And pasta- I’ve made fresh pasta from scratch a couple of times.


Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

Chris: I was once Paul Daniels’ warm up act in Margate in 1992… or around that time.

Fifi: I once supported Simple Minds and I’ve played the Royal Albert Hall. 


What’s your most guilty pleasure?

Fifi: Staring at my own face in the mirror for extended periods of time. Do you not find it endlessly fascinating!?

Chris: I’d have to say hummus is my guilty pleasure, I buy a little too much of it. Oh and also the Golden Girls- I could watch it over and over again!


If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?

Fifi: Tasmanian devil. No- wait. ROADRUNNER! I’d make such a good Roadrunner!


What would be your ideal way to spend a weekend?

Chris: I would catch a show in the West End, go to a nice restaurant, followed by a bottomless brunch the next day.

Fifi: Driving around in a van with some musicians playing shows every night… with a bottle of whiskey!

Chris: I’m actually going away in a couple of weeks’ time with my closest friends (practically my family really), we all go away together once a year. We hire a big cottage in the countryside and we put on a show - a lot of us are performers. It’s great. There are no airs or graces and we just do what we want. It’s called debauched weekends away –DWA


What is your tipple of choice?

Chris: I was a vodka man but recently I’ve gone back to gin; the mothers ruin. I particularly like gin with elderflower. Or bubbly of course!

Fifi: I love a dirty martini, however the perfect day starts with a Bloody Mary and ends with a filthy martini.

Oh and Sherry! It always seems to be pegged as an old woman’s drink but Sherry is amazing. Especially with some tapas!

Chris: isn’t it a funeral drink…?


Which book do you feel most changed your perception on life?

Chris: Definitely ‘Out on a Limb’ by Shirley MacLaine. She wrote it halfway through her career, took a break and then went back to finish it. What I consider so great about the book is that my mum had read it and she felt it had changed her life, she then gave me a copy and I thought the same. Also, when I first met my current boyfriend, it was something he had read as well. I’ve since bought it for loads of people.

Fifi: Anything by Thomas Pynchon. 


What trend would you most like to see make a comeback?

Fifi: Corduroy flares! Big big 70’s corduroy flares!

Chris: Waistcoats. What happened to waistcoats? I like a bit of old school 1940’s; waistcoat, pocket watch and a cravat.

Chris: A trend I would most like NOT see make a comeback is definitely shell suits. 


Which film title most describes your life story?

Chris: Cloudy with a chance of meatballs… *laughs* no I’m joking. ‘Singing in the rain’ -I do a lot of singing out loud.

Fifi: …’Apocalypse now’.


What line of advice would you give your younger self?

Fifi: “Calm. Down.”

Chris: “Be responsible for the energy you bring into the space.” 


What was the last lie you told?

Chris: I’ve been lying to Aristea lately, (one of my colleagues on reception) we’re doing ‘healthy New Year’s resolutions’, trying to cut down on coffee and eating sweets and *whispers* I’ve kind of been lying about what I’ve been eating. Shh! Sorry Aristea…

Fifi: I basically took part in dry-January. I had my dad’s 60th Birthday and I drank half a glass of champagne to toast him, however that’s not all. There was also a Burn’s Night incident… I had gone round to a (Scottish) friend’s house and it was just the most beautiful evening. After addressing the haggis everyone started drinking… so I just had to join! So, I guess I kind of lied about a completely dry-January. 


What are the top 3 things on your bucket list?


1. I still haven’t been down the Nile. I would love to go to Egypt. 

2. I’d really like to go to Bhutan and go up the Himalayas. 

3. Machu Picchu.

I’d also like to visit a sloth sanctuary, I think there is one in Costa Rica. 


1. Play at the Roundhouse.

2. Do the ‘American Roadtrip’ and visit everywhere where everyone I’ve ever read/heard have been.

3. Die in a tree…? I’m not sure if that would work…


Chris: Have you not seen the new thing? You can now have your ashes put into a seed and you then grow within the tree. How lovely would it be to have tree’s in place of gravestones?


Fifi: Oh and I need to write something… add that to my bucket list!


Where is your happy place? 

Chris: On my sofa, in my flat with my boyfriend, being cosy and talking about our days.

Fifi: In a van or in a tree.