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Yoga: Vinyasa Flow

 Friday, 12th January, 2018
Vinyasa Flow

The importance of self-care

As part of our Detox Retox programme, yoga instructor Abbey Chambers talks to us about the importance of self-care and welcoming a new perspective.


When asked why I thought it was important to offer yoga classes, the first thing that came to mind was the importance of dedicating at least an hour for ourselves. 

When living in this demanding yet wonderful city it’s very rare that we actually take time out to focus on ourselves. Self-care is something I have started to set time aside for and really appreciate. 

The practice of yoga is perfect for this as each pose helps to release tension and any old emotion that we may be holding onto, which then allows us the space to feel what is actually going on in our bodies. With all distractions being shut away, this allows our conscious mind the ability to embrace our presence and listen to our body’s emotions in a safe and comfortable environment. 

Without realising, most of us spend our week hunched over a computer or phone while never really focusing on our posture. My classes aim to stretch that out and help bring our spines alive while focusing on bringing awareness to the movement of our breath. The flow of poses create a sequence which focus on individual needs where we can all work through our own practice at our own pace, welcoming a new perspective of our world. 

I look forward to seeing you on the mat for an energising stress busting class.


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Wednesday 17th January; 8:30am

Wednesday 24th January; 8:30am