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'Watchers of the skies' by Jane Ward

'Watchers of the skies' by Jane Ward

'Watchers of the skies' by Jane Ward

Artist in residence - Second Floor               Until Saturday 4th August

Having reduced her own photographs to components, building blocks and elements, Jane Ward digitally layers, manipulates, and dilutes the resulting image using chemicals applied to the printed surface. Her works play upon disorientation, conflicting with a sense of being anchored in one’s own personal experience and the memory associated with it.


Objects - boats, high-rise blocks, reflections and natural elements are suspended in the composition, as if in the subconscious state between sleep and wakefulness, an uncertain present between the past and the future. Like in a musical composition, islands of intensity sit amidst emptier oceans of calm.

All works are aviailable for purchase.


  • After Eden

  • Aurora

  • Bridge 2

  • City 1

  • City 7

  • Mountainous 2

  • Overland 1

  • Overland 2

  • Overland 4

  • Thee High Way (Bridge)

  • Thee High Way (Col)

  • Thee High Way (Pass)

  • Views from 1

  • Views from 2