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Shelley James

Between The Lines

Between The Lines

Building on ideas and techniques developed during a PhD at the Royal College of Art, glass artist Shelley James plays with the everyday phenomena of moiré interference and magnification to generate illusions of space and movement.

Because all eyes and brains are different – and in constant flux – every viewer will see the work in their own way.

Trained in textiles in Paris, Shelley worked for a number of years in corporate design before studying for an MA in printmaking and a series of projects with the National Glass Centre in Sunderland, Arts Council England, the Crafts Council and an AHRC-funded PhD at the Royal College of Art.

Shelley has recently been appointed as Collaborative Artist in the Center of the Study of the Senses at UCL and is currently working with the King's Cultural Institute, the Gordon Museum,  the Mathematics Institute at Oxford University and the Music Department at Leeds University.